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This is community is designated as a DRAMA FREE ZONE.

The kitchen. La cucina, the true mother country, this warm cave of the good witch deep in the desolate land of lonliness, with pots of sweet potions bubbling over the fire, a cavern of majic herbs, rosemary and thyme and sage and oregano, balm of lotus that brought sanity to lunatics, peace to the troubled, joy to the joyless, this small twenty-by-twenty world, the altar a kitchen range, the magic circle a checkered tablecloth where the children fed, the old children, lured back to their beginnings, the taste of monther's milk still haunting thier memories, fragrance in the notstrils, eyes brightening, the wicked world receding as the old mother witch sheltered her brood from the wolves outside" - John Fante

La Cucina Italiana is a community for those of us who have fallen in love with the art of Italian Cooking.

It is a forum to share recipes, processes, ingredients, ideas and experiences related to our love of the art.

There are only a few rules for this community so that we can all get the most value from it.

I look forward to learning from you all, and developing a deeper understanding of this wonderful subject.

Recipe of the month
April's Recipe of the month goes to n3koch4n for her beautiful posted recipe for Carciofi alla Romana

currently in season:
Spring- March, April, May

Asparagus, Avocados, Basil Beans, Beets, Berries, Broccoli, Cabbage, Chinese, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Radish, Head or Iceberg Lettuce, Mangoes, Okra, Sweet Oranges, Papayas, Peas, Chile Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Rhubarb, Shallots, Spinach, Summer Squash, Turnips

I'll most likely be adding interesting links here from your posts. If you think I should add something just let me know.

le legge
The following are in place only to settle any arguments or disputes the community may have. While I can't really forsee any in a cooking community, disagreements sometimes happen. Just use these as guidelines please.

1. No Plagiarism. Do not copy a recipe straight from a book please. I think the authors would appreciate it much more if you recommended the book instead. If you would like to add a recipe, please do so only if you altared the recipe to your personal tastes. If it is based on another's recipe, then please give them credit.

In addition, Italian Cooking, from my memories as a child was never about something copied from a book. The foods reflected the family and changed from house to house.

2. Be appropriate. This is a community for sharing ideas, recipes and other italian cuisine related information. Please try not to write anything that would make another community member feel self concious or bad. Also be aware that there are young ears out there. Check out some of the other members who post before swearing etc.

3. Italian or Italian-influenced recipes only. Just a guideline really. I am interested in the cuisines of cities outside, but very close to the Italian Border. Corsican cuisine is very interesting as it is an infusion of French, Italian and Spanish cultures. So you can be liberal about it, although, any mention of 'Cucina Cucina', The 'Olive Garden' or 'Buca di Beppo's', Sbarro, Pizza Hut, etc... will get you kicked out immediately.

4. Cross-post only when if the post follows the simple rules above. Do not self promote unless the the community you are promoting somehow relates to Italian Cuisine or family experience (you can't really separate the two).

5. Any recipes you post are public access.

6. This community claims no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged recipes.

7. All misspelled Italian words are subject to our Pedantics Manager n3koch4n. It is a nice asset.

8. Preferred Community Language: Any and All. I hate to even mention it, but I've seen drama break out in other Italian communities on this issue. Post in whatever language you like.