Crystal (crystalstarr) wrote in cucina_italiana,

Eggplant Parmesan

eggplant Parmesan
This isn't pretty I'm sorry, tonight I was rushed to feed and so my presentation isn't the greatest.. I think it looks like foot prints with red mush on top.. but regardless it is delicious!!

1 med eggplant
3 eggs
a mix of bread crumbs/ and Parmesan(fresh is best)
black pepper/basil

*if desired mozzarella cheese sliced(I forgot to use it tonight:( )

cut eggplant into thin slices, salt gener,lay between paper towels, and apply heavy pressure on top such as a cookie sheet to push out moisture(about 30-45 mins)

meanwhile heat up a well oiled frying pan(that has a lid!!!)

mix eggs into a bowl with pepper basil, dip each eggplant strip into mix , shake extra off

next dip into bread/Parmesan mix

put into pan ,fry on each side on med high heat about 3-5 mins

I like red sauce on my eggplant with more Parmesan, and this time around i threw in the sauce about 10 cloves of garlic for the real extra kick!

If cooked real right eggplant can taste just like meat, and tonight it did... yummmmm

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